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02.05.2019 Broad River (NC, Cleveland Co.)

R. carolinianum is well known from the high mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Astonishingly it also occurs in many places in the lowlands, for example at only 220m/720ft altitude along the Broad River in Cleveland Co. in North Carolina. The large shrubs grow on a steep, difficult to climb, north facing bluff high above the river. The species starts its peak bloom in the first week of May in the mountains. But down here the plants were pretty much past bloom. Fortunately a few late flowers were left. Closer to the river R. periclymenoides and R. arborescens can be seen. Additionally there is a whole colony of the 2015 described Asimina x piedmontana growing here. Is is a natural hybrid between A. parviflora and A. triloba.

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