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17.07.2022 Creeks at northern Eufaula Lake: Bustahatchee Creek, Soapstone Creek & Vining Branch Road (GA, Quitman Co.)

Many small streams flow into the Chattahoochee River, which is dammed to form Eufaula Lake. These creeks have carved small valleys into the hilly landscape and often squeeze through gorge-like bluffs. Around these gulleys is often still dense, natural forest. Here today, at the north end of the lake on the Georgia side, I searched with Charles Horn for R. prunifolium and R. colemanii. Along Bustahatchee Creek we found quite a few beautiful, large R. prunifolium in full bloom. We also encountered a single R. colemanii and a R. canescens. At Soapstone Creek we saw only R. colemanii and at Vining Branch Road we again found some R. prunifolium and R. colemanii.

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