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20.07.2016 Blackwater River SF, Wolfe Creek Bayhead (FL, Santa Rosa Co.)

At Wolfe Creek Bayhead, of course, neither R. viscosum var. aemulans nor R. canescens was in bloom now in July. Nevertheless, the visit was worthwhile. R. viscosum var. aemulans is found only in the Pinus palustris-covered areas outside the bayheads, where the vegetation is regularly burned down every few years, either intentionally or by lightning. Only Pinus palustris continues to grow unperturbed after fire. R. viscosum var. aemulans, although destroyed above ground, quickly resprouts from the base of the plant and from numerous stolons and may bloom again as soon as one to two years after a fire. R. canescens thrives at the edge of the lower lying and thus wetter bayhead. Fires cannot affect the wetter bayheads, so trees and shrubs grow much larger here than in the elevated and drier environment. Afterwards, we went to a place a few km away with marsh areas where many Sarracenia grew.

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