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24. & 25.4.2019 Cheaha Mountain (AL, Cleburne Co.)

A lone mountain chain is stretching in central Alabama from northeast to southwest. This is the most southern extension of the Appalachian Mountains and its most prominent and most northern peak is Cheaha Mountain. At the southern end of this mountain chain is Rebecca Mountain. And a little further southwest there is a single top and the very last mountain of the Appalachians, Flagg Mountain. On all these mountains R. cumberlandense can be found. However, we concentrated on these two days on Cheaha Mountain. Here R. cumberlandense was at the beginning of its blooming time. In contrast R. canescens and numerous hybrids between the two species were in full bloom. Sometimes it was not sure, if the genes of one species were playing a role in a specimen of the other species or not. Furthermore there was R. catawbiense f. insularis in bloom, though it was unclear, if this really was a natural stand up there or not. R. minus and R. arborescens could be found, too, but they were not in bloom yet. Before going to the summit region we made a detour to two places along Cheaha Creek between Lake Chinnabee and Cheaha Lake. Here among other plants R. canescens and R. arborescens could be seen.

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