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29.11.2021 Georgetown, River Bluff Recreation Area (GA, Quitman Co.) & Eufaula (AL, Barbour Co.)

The Chattahoochee River forms the border between Alabama and Georgia. In one place it is dammed to form the approximately 50km long Walter F. George Reservoir, commonly called Eufaula Lake. In its upper part, the towns of Eufaula on the Alabama side and Georgetown on the Georgia side are directly opposite each other and are connected by a dam with a bridge. In Georgetown, we visited the River Bluff Recreation Area, a natural wooded area with a small stream flowing into the lake. Numerous R. colemanii and R. prunifolium grow here. In the town of Eufaula, we stopped briefly to look at a beautiful ensemble of old Southern homes on North Eufaula Avenue.

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