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03. & 05.05.2019 Sandhills (SC, Kershaw Co., Lee Co. & Lexington Co.)

The South Carolina Sandhills are situated between the Piedmont (separated by the Fall Line) and the Coastal Plain. Once the sea reached into today’s Sandhills, hence the sand. I spent two days with Charles Horn looking into roadside ditches in various counties in order to study the form of R. viscosum, that is growing there. The plants are very similar to the ones we know for example from New York or New Jersey (viscosum). However, most of them have very fuzzy (pubescent) floral bud scales (serrulatum var. georgianum). Very rarely a plant with slick (glabrous) buds can be found (viscosum). Main blooming time is July. Some plants start in June, others as late as August.

To simplify pictures in the gallery are just captioned as “R. viscosum”.

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