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11.04.2017 Escambia Delta (FL, Santa Rosa & Escambia Co.)

The best place to see R. austrinum in its full richness and variability is the Escambia delta with its many river arms near Pensacola. The same wealth can be admired a little further upstream as well. Since the plants usually grow along the slightly elevated riverbanks and often overhang the water they can be admired only by boat. Normally access from land is impossible. So I was very happy to be able to do this trip with Ron Miller (Pensacola) and his boat like many other tours that allow access to the plants from rivers or lakes only. Peak flowering is approximately during the last one and a half weeks in March and the first one and a half weeks in April. All Rhododendron shown here are R. austrinum. This is why I abstain from captions in these cases.

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