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13.04.2017 Conecuh River & Sepulga River (AL, Escambia & Conecuh Co.)

The continuation of the Escambia River known from Florida is called Conecuh River in Alabama. Here the river has dug its bed into the limestone over long distances. R. austrinum was no longer as common as on the Escambia, but still showed a certain color diversity; i.e. there were plants with yellow to orange as well as white to pink flowers. We started with our boat at the Conecuh River near the tributary of Folley Creek. About 10km (6.2M) further upstream the Sepulga River coming from the north flows into the Conecuh. We followed the Sepulga further upstream. A bridge near Brooklyn marked an interesting change. If the banks were made of limestone until then, from now on they were of an extremely firm clay or loam. Immediately after the change, R. canescens repeatedly appeared on the banks in addition to R. austrinum.

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