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16.04.2022 Lotts Creek near Statesboro (GA, Bulloch & Candler Co.)

About 10km (6.2M) west of Statesboro Lotts Creek is flowing through the countryside. At the point where Lotts Creek Road crosses the creek, there are some R. viscosum in the woods. These have slick buds with no hairs. However, one plant a short distance off differs significantly. Its buds are fuzzy (as in var. georgianum) and it has strange, short glandular hairs on the shoots, a very unusual feature for a R. viscosum. Just a few meters away, cacti (Opuntia humifusa?) grow on a small sandy area.

A few miles upstream, not far from Lotts Creek Church, there are numerous R. atlanticum growing. A year or two ago there had been a forest in this area, but it was cut down. The azaleas having been destroyed and bulldozed in the process had only been growing again for a year by the time of our visit, and yet they had already started flower buds everywhere on the numerous shoots that were appearing from the ground. One of the plants showed a yellow blotch on its upper petals. Unfortunately, rain was pouring down during our visit.

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