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18.07.2022 Creeks south of Eufaula Lake: Kolomoki Creek, Factory Creek & Whetstone Branch (GA, Clay & Early Co. & AL, Henry Co.)

Also south of Eufaula Lake, many canyons and gulleys empty into the Chattahoochee. Here, as further north, R. minus and R. prunifolium can be found. In some places R. alabamense is also present. First we visited Kolomoki Creek (GA, Clay Co.). Here R. minus grews abundantly above the creek on an in places very steep slope. Then we explored Factory Creek (GA, Early Co.) with its pretty waterfall, where after breakneck climbing we found some R. prunifolium in flower. There was also some R. alabamense. I had already been to both sites on 24.11.2021 (see entry there). At the end of the day, we switched to the Alabama side of the Chattahoochee to drive back to Eufaula, from where we had left early that morning for Providence Canyon. On the way, we made one more stop and explored Whetstone Branch, a tributary of Abbie Creek (AL, Henry Co.). Not only was there a fantastic waterfall, cascading over a rock wall into a pool, but we also found R. minus and R. alabamense in the jungle-like forest. R. prunifolium, which should also exist there, we could not discover.

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