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19.07.2022 Opelika, Beans Mill, Halawakee Creek (AL, Lee Co.)

One of the northernmost localities of R. prunifolium, perhaps the northernmost in Alabama, is on a small slope at Halawakee Creek near Beans Mill near Opelika. When we were there, there was only a single truss of open flowers to be seen on all the plants, some of which were quite large. All the other winter buds were still tightly closed. Apparently here the plants bloom a few weeks later than at the Chattahoochee. Along Halawakee Creek, which we canoed, there were many R. arborescens growing, some of which were in full bloom. And because of this very late bloom they belonged to var. georgianum, which had never been validly described. In addition we saw R. canescens and much Kalmia latifolia. But the highlight was without doubt a slightly yellow flowering R. arborescens, which otherwise looked typical in every respect.

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