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18.07.2022 Providence Canyon (GA, Stewart Co.)

The creeks of Providence Canyon join to form Turner Creek, which after a few miles flows north of Eufaula Lake into the Chattahoochee. The canyons are without a doubt the best place to see R. prunifolium, with countless specimens growing in these narrow, trackless, water-bearing gulleys. However, R. minus can be found here as well. Heat and humidity were unbearable now in midsummer, but since we wanted to see flowering R. prunifolium, we had no choice but to accept the challenge. Afterwards, there were two ice creams for each of us at the souvenir booth to cool off. It was a beautiful but exhausting morning as it had been on 18.7.2016 (see entry there) when I had been to this place for the first time. All orange to red blooming rhododendrons shown here are R. prunifolium, so I do not include captions for them.

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