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19.04.2022 Canton, Soleil Community (GA, Cherokee Co.)

In the outskirts of Canton the “Soleil Community” – like cancer in a human body – has wolfed down forests that were intact only a short time ago. Retirees with money live here in their detached houses in a sterile development tailored to the age group and not open to the public, with a golf course, fence and admission control. We had an invitation so we could pass smoothly. A few strips of natural forest remain between the development. Being here in the Atlanta metropolitan area, we wanted to see what was left here of R. flammeum, R. canescens, and the ubiquitous hybrids of the two species. R. canescens was abundant, and in some places it was even planted. However, we actually still found a single R. flammeum struggling to survive and some very nice hybrids, including one with extremely dark magenta flowers. When you see what wonderful forms can still be found on such a small patch and then consider that once the entire Atlanta area was populated with R. flammeum, R. canescens and their hybrids, you can’t help but wonder what beauties have been lost to the ever-expanding city.

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