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23.11.2021 McCormick Lake (FL, Jackson Co.)

Not far from the city of Marianna, McCormick Lake in Florida is located in an area that still belongs to the Panhandle, but is already much further east than, for example, Pensacola. Moreover, the area is already about 70km inland, not too far from the border with Alabama and Georgia. We have been to three places around the lake, one of them close to the shore, the others a little more away. In all places we found numerous plants that were clearly R. serrulatum, which was no surprise. Intermixed with these, however, were specimens whose bud scales were not slick but hirsute as in R. serrulatum var. georgianum. This far inland and quite close to the Georgia border, there apparently is a transition zone between the taxa described as R. serrulatum and those described as R. serrulatum var. georgianum. All these plants here bloom relatively late in June and July.

To simplify pictures in the gallery are just captioned as “R. serrulatum”.

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