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29.03.2022 Choctawhatchee River Delta (FL, Walton Co.)

Today the first hours of our boat trip in the Choctawhatchee Delta were dominated by dense fog. Only in the course of time it disappeared and gave way to the sun. We rode almost exclusively along the Mitchell River to admire the countless R. austrinum. Here the yellow-orange flower color predominates. Nevertheless we could find two plants from the white-pink color spectrum. One we already knew from before, the other one was new. The beautiful very delicate salmon pink flowering plant, which we knew from an earlier tour, we did not find anymore. Also, the banks had changed in some places. People had illegally cleared areas of riparian vegetation to set up barbecue and camping sites. In addition, self-built houseboats were now more often anchored in front of these sites. All Rhododendron shown here are R. austrinum. This is why I abstain from captions in these cases.

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