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30.11.2021 Albany, Muckalee Creek, Monica Williams’ property (GA, Lee Co.)

Today Ron Miller and I visited Monica Willliams on her huge property just north of Albany. It borders directly on Muckalee Creek and there are several ponds, pools and oxbow lakes on it as well. A few years ago, she bought this land adjacent to her house because it bothered her that all kinds of people were hunting or shooting around there all the time. The old trees were largely removed. But how astonished the new owner was, when after a few years all kinds of azaleas bloomed everywhere. These had apparently persevered in the shade of the tall trees and now had optimal conditions again due to the abundant light. We were able to identify R. austrinum, R. canescens and a form of R. viscosum with fuzzy buds. Large numbers of R. alabamense were especially nice right along Muckalee Creek but also farther away. A highlight doubtless was R. alabamense ‘The Queen’ as called by its owner. It is the largest specimen of R. alabamense that Ron Miller had ever seen. And he has seen many! We think that natural hybrids also exist on Monica Williams property. However, we have not been able to find out more specifics yet. A visit in the spring when they are in bloom will be a must!

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