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25.03.2022 Torreya State Park, Rock Bluff at Apalachicola River (FL, Liberty Co.)

Actually, the plan was to follow the Torreya Trail in Torreya State Park from a parking lot about 500m into the forest to a small valley depression where R. austrinum should thrive. However, due to Hurricane Michael passing through here in October 2018, all the trees were still crisscrossed in the area, and no cleanup had yet taken place to at least clear the trail. Getting through was impossible. So I spontaneously decided to walk the Torreya Trail in the other direction to Rock Bluff above the Apalachicola River instead, because this trail seemed to be clear. The Rock Bluff is an imposing bluff directly above the river. Here, too, the hurricane had raged and caused many trees to break off or fall completely, but the result was that R. austrinum bloomed in masses because of the surprisingly high light availability.

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