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01.08.2019 Flapjack Lakes, Olympic N.P. (WA, Mason Co.)

A wonderful day hike (27km/16.7M, 1283m/4210ft elevation gain and loss). Starting at the Staircase Ranger Station I first hiked along the North Fork Skokomish River, then steeply up to Flapjack Lakes, two emerald green lakes beyond comparison. Then further up across alpine meadows full of flowers to Gladys Divide. Along this part of the trail I found a few R. albiflorum. After having enjoyed everything I hiked back to the ranger station. All alone, no people around! There was just a trusting rabbit and a squirrel. And maybe a cougar, but I didn’t see it, because it must have been sneaking behind me all the time … Such alert signs at the beginning of the trail (see gallery) can stimulate the imagination! On the drive back I enjoyed short foto stops at Lake Cushman and in Hoodsport.

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