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29.-31.07.2019 Seven Lakes Basin, Olympic N.P. (WA, Clallam Co.)

This was a beautiful three day trekking tour in the northern part of the Olympic N.P. (28,5km/17.7M, 1320m/4330ft elevation gain and loss) with great camp sites and countless mountain lakes. We started at the end of the Soleduc valley road (A) and first hiked to Soleduc Falls (B). Then we took a steep trail to Deer Lake (C), where our first campsite was. Around this magical kettle lake the forest becomes more open allowing R. albiflorum to grow in abundance. The second day we hiked further upwards to reach High Divide. From this ridge there were fine views onto the countless lakes of the Seven Lakes Basin (there are definitely more than 7 lakes) and down into Hoh River Valley and to glaciated Mount Olympus. Along the trail we once met a black bear and there were many more R. albiflorum and other flowering alpine perennials. Our second camp was below Heart Lake (D). On the last day we hiked further down into Soleduc Valley that led us back to our starting point.

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