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11.04.2022 Albany, Muckalee Creek, Monica Williams’ property (GA, Lee Co.)

Finally in spring on Monica Williams’ huge property! R. canescens and R. austrinum are almost completely over with flowering, as is the triploid R. canescens with yellow spot in the flower (probably a hybrid with R. austrinum). However, the countless R. alabamense are at their peak! Only the huge and ancient clone ‘The Queen’, which always blooms a good week later, still has closed buds. R. alabamense, by the way, is reaching here at Muckalee Creek the easternmost part of its distribution. Of course, the strange R. viscosum with the hairy buds, which could also be called R. viscosum var. aemulans or var. georgianum, is not yet blooming either. It’s not due until late May, early June.

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